Night of Healing

2nd Thursdays of the Month​​


Apr 11 

7:00 pm
St. Jerome Church
300 Warner St.
​Walbridge, OH 43465

Stir into Flame
Period of Prayer & Discernment  Continuing

We need your help for our Diocese of Toledo, the Catholic Church and our communities.
The Servant Leadership Council, the board for the Ministry to Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Toledo Diocese, requests that all Prayer Groups and all members of the ministry to join with us to intercede and pray for the ministry.
Besides Steve Toth being the Director of the MCCR, he is also our Diocese’s Liaison for the National Renewal for many years. In the last year, he has been attending meetings on the national level about the Pope’s initiative.

Pope Francis has created a new reorganization of the Charismatic Renewal internationally and within the Church. It is an exciting time!
And those that heard Steve talk about it at the conference, will understand. With this in mind, we ask you to intercede for this international process and for the leadership and direction of the local MCCR.

We are designating the next 3 months, November, December and January as a special period of prayer, discernment and renewal. 
Please REGISTER & pray and fast for these petitions: 
How is the Lord calling the MCCR, to minister within the Church?
How is the Lord calling YOU, to minister within the Church?

Pope Francis calls the Charismatic Renewal the Movement of Grace within the Church.

Prayer Groups:
We encourage all those involved in a prayer groups to have this be a major period of prayer and fasting. Please email or mail Words of Knowledge, that come forth, to the MCCR email/address – please do this on a weekly or monthly basis – whatever works with your schedule.
REGISTRATION is Free and we will send a Stir into Flame inspiration packet.Plan to attend our Stir into Flame Road Trip to Ann Arbor on the evening of Friday November 9th.
Please reach out to a Prayer Group that is in your area – join in this important work of the Lord!
If you have no prayer group in your area, then pray individually. Also, ask the Lord who else would like to be a part of this Movement of Grace within the Church? Make contacts with those people and ask them to join you in this period of prayer. Maybe it will lead you to a community of fellow Catholics that share your desire to support one another and follow the Lord’s guidance to serve His Church.  Mark Mussman spoke at our October conference about small home-based communities - we can share that information with you, if you feel God’s calling in that way.  
REGISTRATION is Free and we will send you a Stir into Flame inspiration packet.Plan to attend our Stir into Flame Road Trip to Ann Arbor on the evening of Friday November 9th.

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Registering helps us to communicate additional information to you during this period.

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Praise & Worship
Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament

Teaching from Fr. Tom Oedy

After service an opportunity for
Fr. Tom to anoint individuals & send to Prayer Teams for Personal prayer ministry

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Night of Healing

Thursday, March 14, 2018

7:00 pm
St. Jerome Church
300 Warner St. Walbridge, OH 43465


Diocese of TOledo

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Night of Healing Mar 14 •Apr 11 
Stir into Flame continuing

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